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Whether you want to sell your business soon, or you just want to be certain you are building a valuable asset for the future, you need to understand just how well your business would score today and what needs to be done in order to raise that score even higher.  The Value Builder System™ by Prosperity Plus can help you accomplish that very quickly with a minimum amount of time and investment on your part. 

Determining the value of your business depends on a great deal more than just the bottom line.

Are you too dependent on one employee, or on a key customer?
Do you have the systems in place for future value?
Could your dealership survive if you were away for an extended period of time?

Whether you intend to keep growing your business, sell it or pass it along to others, it's important to know what drives up or undermines the value of your company. This is where the Value Builder score comes in. It's a statistically proven way to see how your business is really going and identify areas that may be silently dragging your company's value down. 

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 In just 13 minutes, you can learn your dealership's score out of 100 and then arrange to receive a detailed report based on the 8 factors that drive value along with suggestions on how to improve your score. 

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