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As an independent dealer, distributor, reseller or service provider, you may often set your brand aside somewhere within your manufacturers' shadow. While there certainly is value in the name recognition they may have in the marketplace, isn't it really your value and effort that customers experience when dealing with you? This is a point most sales and marketing people in any sales channel agree on, and yet it's one that isn't put into practice very well from one industry to the other.

So here's the answer!

We can design stunning, responsive documents and presentations that will establish the look of a leader for your organization. Imagine having a toolbox or gallery of your own that contains everything your reps and your staff need to pitch, propose or share in order to put the company's best foot forward in front of new prospects and customers. Each "folio" we create is secure and responsive which means it will be easily viewed on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet screens without you having to learn any special coding in order to make that versatility work!
Finally a Simple Way to Carry Your Brand Forward

The sky's the limit on what we can have in your folio. Pitch decks, product or service sales sheets, competitive analysis, proposals, employee handbooks, even landing pages can be designed and embedded into your current website!

Allow team members access to professionally designed documents and presentations and share them privately, publicly or via password protection. This proves invaluable in maintaining your brand continuity and corporate positioning.

Turn your folio into a full-screen presentation with just one click. And since it's responsive, there's no need to spin your wheels trying to make something work from one viewing platform or device to the next.

Export your documents and creations as printer-friendly PDFs or PNG files. This is a great time-saver for anyone working in the field or remote-office situations, or in situations where some customization is appropriate for big pitches.
Simple, Secure and Versatile!

This platform is a technological breakthrough in creativity and practicality. Imagine having your own inventory of professionally designed collateral for just about any situation you can encounter; all of it bearing the branding theme that best suits your organization. Your sales people will love it. Your manufacturers will be impressed with your ingenuity. And none of it will cost you as much as if you were to hire or commission a "Madison Avenue" graphic design shop or advertising agency. 

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