Do you want to improve your cash flow and your profitability? Do you have a desire to speed up your growth and expansion? Is there an area of your business you'd like to debug? Prosperity Plus can custom-tailor a consulting program that will make the most sense for you. Since 2001 we have helped hundreds of businesses become more viable and more appealing places to work. based purely on the proven workability of the Hubbard Management System and our own working knowledge of the industries in which we’ve been actively involved.

Unlike other consulting companies that often simply tell you what you already know, we focus on getting results. We roll up our sleeves and work side by side with your team to get these tools implemented and working. Whether it's building a sales activity plan, creating an incentive program for your collections person, outlining specific goals for service technician productivity, or readying your team for a succession plan, we build and execute each plan specifically with and for you and keep you honest in terms of getting it done.

Are you thinking about selling your business, or looking at exit strategy scenarios? Both moves require in-depth knowledge, insight and time and effort in order to create the best outcome for you and the business. Prosperity Plus is well-known for its experience in these areas.​


If you have been detoured from the goals you have set for your business there are exact reasons why. And, it is not the economy or the industry or your market place. The Dealership Analysis Program is a great method for finding out what is blocking your road to success.​
Marketing Communication

In a competitive marketplace that is jammed with communication, Prosperity Plus will help your team generate more successful marketing and promotional assets designed to achieve specific goals from collateral and advertising to presentations and website content.
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"Having worked with many consultants in the past, I can honestly tell you that Prosperity Plus delivers the goods. From working through the due diligence and purchase process, to implementation of systems based on the Hubbard Management Process, Prosperity Plus has made a real difference here.  I would highly recommend their services to any dealer looking to make a positive impact on his profitability and overall health of his operation."

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