Handling Financial Stress

People put on the finance special posts ONLY handle the subjects of finance emergency. They do NOT handle all finance hats and lines in the organziation. 

They get the bills and payment files in good order.

The Board Finance Officer should play it cool, require they "dateline pay" shepherd funds carefully and so bring the organization out of it.

DELIVERY of services and commodities is the keynote of all such emergencies and even inflation itself! Push GOOD, HONEST DELIVERY AND DELIVER IT.

Compartmenting off the financial stress works ONLY if the rest of the organization flat out DELIVERS and produces in every division or section of the organization Only then can emergencies be solved by a Board Finance Officer.

Occasionally an organization which could do well gets bogged down over some finance mess.

Hit with unpaid bills or refunds and repayments, threats of insolvency, a whole staff can become upset.

Then begins a crazy cycle that the organization is so upset it can't produce and unless it produces it can't earn money and if it it doesn't earn money, nothing will improve.

This dwindling spiral not only can be stopped but must be for the organizaion to pull out smoothly.

There is an old and time-honored method of doing this: one compartments off the finance confusion. This is done by putting one or two staff members in Treasury whose sold duty is handling the finance emergency, the creditors and the refunds. Put up a sign "Board Finance Officer" with another sign or two around point to that office - "Board Finance Officer. All Finance Matters." Give them a phone with a number. Give everyone else on staff that number as the finance number so they at once direct any callers to it. Instruct the staff handling incoming communications where to put all such mail - to the Board Finance Officer. 
Dateline Paying - an exact way to pay bills as to maintain good credit rating. Never "pay a little bit on each bill" as this hurts your credit. Instead, pay all bills behind a certain date and none closer to the current time or moment. 

From an article by L. Ron Hubbard